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Hello my dear members of Dating-Sims!:wave:

I'm your new founder, mangakaPrincess!:D Sorry that I haven't had the time to update but I can assure you this group isn't dead in fact it's just starting! I'm really glad that our group is growing and that soon we'll see more and more submissions! Also I changed the setting a bit so you can now submit into the right folder(Sorry bout that. ^^; ) I've even added a Fanart folder for you all to submit fanart of your favorite Sim Dates!:D

Now I'm going to explain in details of the use of folders so some people know what they can submit. ^-^

  • Now Features is currently open for any submission. I may change this later when we get more members and submission to only hand chosen submissions.
  • Please submit full games into the Full games folder even if they are downloadable files such as  from Ren'Py, or Novelty.
  • In the Game tests folder, Demos, WIPs, and previews are accepted no matter how long or short.
  • In Concept Art you can submit your character sheets, final poster, one-shot images, previews, and other original artwork of your Sim Date character(s).
  • In the Fanart folder you can submit Artwork, Poetry, Fan fiction, Comics, Cosplay, and Crafts of your favorite Sim Date character(s).
  • In the Tutorials folder, remember that some people aren't too used to using Flash or other softwares and every Sim Date/ Visual Novel is a little different so by making tutorials you can help people find out just one or more fun things they can add to their Sim Date/ Visual Novel, such as certain actionScript codes that can do neat tricks, RPG help, Flash Dress up, animation help or other things they can add into their Sim Date/Visual Novel.

If you accidentally submitted into the wrong folder let me know and I'll move it. That is all for now! Hope you all understand and hope to see more of your wonderful work! :iconbiggrinplz:

Any questions, let me know in the comments below. :D
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Submitted on
February 1, 2011